What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Basic Introduction

To help Google and other search engines better understand what is your website for and to have it rank well in the search engine results page you would need to learn to do Search Engine Optimization. This is definitely not the easiest thing to do and each and every day these optimization methods become a bit more dynamic and interesting based on how social media and online marketing evolve.

There are various ways to optimize a site and every SEO “expert” will tell you their own method of doing it.  I know everyone has different views on search engine optimization – it’s become a bit complicated with so many ideas on what is ethical and what is not ethical in the search engine game.  The basic rule for an ethical SEO technique, and I believe all experts would agree on this, is to always keep the user in mind. If you optimize keeping people in mind across the board then your employing what is called a white hat search engine optimization strategy and the search engines will probably rank you well.

If your hoping to trick and cheat the search engines by spamming, and building web pages for the sake of links while damaging the users online experience then your probably employing black hat SEO techniques.

When you think of SEO you have to look at what you have (Your Site) and figure out:

  • Where you want it to be in the search engines?
  • What keywords do you want to target?
  • What is your competition?

Among a few other criteria you need to follow. Once you’ve determined the answers to these questions then you have to follow a plan to get yourself there.

I’ve launched a few sites and for each one of them I’ve always employed some sort of search engine optimizing technique. My main goal for every site I launch is to land my links within the first three pages of the SERP’s(Search Engine Result Pages) and that should be your goal as well.

SEO is an extensive and continuously growing strategy but here are a few things you should focus on from an SEO perspective while building, launching and running your site.

Domain Names

It’s very important that you choose a good domain name; the best way to choose the appropriate domain name is choose something that is fairly easy to remember, it’s keyword relevant(make sure your main keyword is somewhere in the domain name), and finally make sure it’s easy to remember.


Keywords are the meat and potatoes that surround search engine optimizing. They determine your ranking in the results therefore its important to keep in mind that choosing appropriate keywords is a crucial step in any SEO process.

Content Optimization

Just like choosing the right keywords is important, dropping them on your pages at a decent frequency is one of the most important elements of SEO – this is what helps the search engines determine that your site is relevant and relates to the keywords your attempting to rank well on.

Link Building

Think of the days when you were in high school, the popular kids got the most attention out of all the students in the school. Search Engines kind of work in the same way; Search Engines will judge and rank your site based on all of the SEO elements above but the amount of quality inbound and outbound links to and from your site will help them to determine that you should be high on the search engine ranks.

The idea behind this concept is that if you have a good amount of good quality links to your website then your blog/site/content must be important within that niche. The end result and winning prize – a great rank in the results.

For those that have no idea about SEO, and for those that have learned some basic principles behind it, it’s time to SEO the crap out of your site so that you may rank fairly well in the search engine results. If you still find it a bit complicated you can always use the service of a professional Search Engine Optimizer

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