SEO for longtail keywords ‘positive for e-commerce’

To stay on top of new search trends and bring more traffic to a website, a company should look to the longtail phrase and relevant content to attain visitors, it is claimed.

Jan Riley, writing for Practical eCommerce, says a longtail phrase is a series of words people use to begin a search and they “can be very revealing for e-commerce”, particularly when words are identified that hint at intent.

She cites what she believes to be notably good examples of longtail phrases in “orthopedic dog bed large” and “antique Tiffany diamond engagement ring”.

“The qualifying words like ‘orthopedic’ or ‘antique’ and ‘engagement’ indicate a clear understanding of what they want,” she asserts.

Ms Riley advises putting aside one hour a week to research keywords until a long list has been formed, which should then be edited without mercy.

Practical eCommerce was established in 2005 and it looks to help smaller businesses perform online.