Guaranteed SEO ranking results

Can You guarantee SEO rankings? This is a question pondered by the Search Engine Optimization elite and new SEO start-up companies. It is entirely possible to get reasonably good rankings for SEO clients, or else Search Engine Optimizers would be out of business in a hurry.

The “Remains of the Day,” part however is the ‘results guarantee’. How many SEOers are willing to put their money where their mouth is? There is a well-known “gremlin” component in the search engine world that sometimes shoots your ranking results in the foot. How can you guarantee the client the product they paid for in the face of this “uncertainty principal”… and maintain your integrity as a Professional SEO Company?

The answer is easy when you start thinking about it. The components of high ranking from an SEO Company are these:

  1. How experienced is this SEO Team?
  2. How much past success have they enjoyed?
  3. How is this SEO Company motivated for getting and maintaining high rankings for their clients?

Motivating SEO Results

Flagging results for your client’s campaign may stem from the fact that, with most SEO models, your SEO Team just isn’t that motivated to ethically push for great client results. For most SEO Companies, client campaigns are prioritized as they come in the door. Many are forgotten after their initial optimization motions are in place. How can an SEO company with this type of modus operandi guarantee results? The answer is THEY CAN NOT. There is no incentive for guaranteed results.

Like any other sales business, how do you motivate great results? The answer is money.

Guaranteed SEO Results are Possible

With the model of SEO from some companies there is motivation. It’s called Pay-for-Performance. Those companies provides organic SEO service in two steps:

  1. An affordable set-up fee.
  2. After the initial setup fee, the Monthly Pay-for-Performance model kicks in

The guarantee is this: If a company doesn’t provide 10 top-ten rankings for the client’s approved keywords that month, the client gets that month free. The monthly fee is actually based on the performance. That’s motivation! The client pays for high rankings.  This just may be the closest thing to a win-win situation in the SEO Industry.