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In spite of spending most of my time doing website search engine optimization (SEO), I do admit that the Pay per click advertising (PPC) service has its place in the online marketing. PPC has certain advantages when used side by side with SEO services, especially in the following cases:

New web sites

I have mentioned this before too – on many occasions you can get faster result from Pay per click ads, and this is the reason why you might want to use it upon launching brand new websites, because the extremely important Link Popularity, a key factor in Search Engine Optimization ,takes much longer to gain momentum.

Seasonal sales or special offers

If you have products that you need to get rid of fast such as last moment reservations for plane tickets or concert tickets, or if your warehouse is full of items, with approaching expiration date, pay per click advertising is a good way for offering a fast online bid instantaneously. And the good part is that you can remove the offering from the online space the moment it gets outdated.

Geographical location or profile targeting

Most online advertising networks are set to target users in special geographical zones. Facebook’s Pay per click network, however, allows you to target users based on certain criteria from their profiles. For instance, if a use’s Relationship status is “Engaged” he or she is an appropriate target for vendors of wedding dresses or accessories.


PPC advertising is a good way for testing people’s feedback on different page layouts, various selections of texts, pictures, etc.

Highly competitive phrases

As we all know, the number of positions available at the top of the search engine results is limited. And if you are targeting highly competitive key words and phrases, and your competition has optimized their website really good, you might have to use Pay per Click for making your site visible. This is often the case with small local businesses that are trying to compete with bigger-scale national businesses.

Content Management Systems and online stores

Most of the Content Management Systems and online stores produced lately are SEO-friendly enough, still you can bump upon helpless cases. And regardless of what product names you insert, or how you embed them in the pages, they simply won’t be ranked well by search engines. I advise such sites to be made with SEO-friendly software, however, it is quite possible that you lack either the time or the money to do this. In such cases the PPC service comes handy again, at least until you manage to reprogram your site with a suitable software.

Where did the organic results disappeared?

The increasingly blurring boundaries of the “universal search”, which displays results such as Google Places, YouTube videos, Images, etc, pushes organic results to the bottom of the page. Pay per click advertising can display your site upper on the page, where more clicks are generated.

Control-obsessed customers

Sometimes it is hard to convince your clients that they should use certain key words in the texts of their pages because this is required for good Search Engine Optimization. Instead they they might simply want to put a large image on the page without any text whatsoever. In such cases, PPC is the only way you can drive decent traffic to the website.

Bing and other similar platforms

Although you might find it hard to believe, there is life outside Google. And even if you are doing really well in Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page – the listing of web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query), you might still be lagging behind in Bing. This is why the use of Pay-per-Click advertising through Bing adCenter is a good way to make your website visible in the Microsoft network. Especially given that Microsoft has lately been testing integrating its advertising network into Yahoo!.

All things considered, Pay-per-Click advertising and SEO optimization are not rivals, they are simply two strongly efficient strategies that could be used simultaneously for achieving a really successful and convincing online marketing campaign.


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