Email marketing to become tougher

Email marketers will have their work cut out next year as potential customers find their inboxes flooded, a new report has suggested.

Online marketing experts predict that people may well be put off opening messages because of the amount they are receiving.

“On average, we expect open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates will decline in 2009 as subscribers’ inboxes are flooded with bad email from marketers trying to stay afloat,” said Morgan Stewart, director of research and strategy at the company.

He said that this should be a warning for online marketers that if they want to communicate through email, “it will be more important than ever to deliver relevant, timely information to customers in a way that honours the individual preferences of each subscriber”.

Research published by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) this month claimed that email advertising, along with search marketing, made more regulation breaches than any other form of online marketing.

However, the industry as a whole was found to be adhering to the self-regulatory rules.