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By improving your click-through rate (CTR) you can improve the cost-effectiveness of your Adwords campaign. or the percent of users that have actually clicked your ad with a certain purpose. Higher click-through rate leads to a higher Quality Score – a rank used by Google for grading your AdWords keywords and advertising groups. The higher your Quality Score is, the less you have to pay for better ad positions.

These are some 10 steps which you can use for improving the click-through rate of your online advertising campaign:

Include promotional offers, attractive adjectives and call-to-action to your ads.

People are more likely to click your ad if it mentions a special promotion, such as free shipping for instance. Words such as “save”, “easy”, “new”, and action-urging phrases such as “buy it now”, “book it today”, and “call now” often lead to a higher conversion rate (turning users into direct consumers of a product or service).

Include your keywords in the text and the heading of your AdWords ad.

The keywords that people use when doing a Google search appear in bold when they are found in some of the results, displayed by the search engine. People are more likely to click an advert in the advertising spot if it contains a keyword they have already looked for as part of their query.

Include price into the Pay-per-Click ad if you sell a product or service at a preferential cost.

This could not only inspire people to look for further information on the issue by clicking your ad, but could also result as an aftermath in a better conversion rate of the site.

Choose keywords that are as closely related to your product or service as possible.

If they are not, the chance of people clicking on your ad is smaller. For instance, if you sell vinegar produced of red wine, but your key words are just “buy”, “red” and “wine”, you cannot expect good conversion. People looking for “buy”, “red” and “wine” are more likely looking to buy the perfect bottle of wine than for your vinegar. You should send the right message so that your chance for conversion is bigger!

Use negative keywords to limit your non-targeted visits.

Let’s say that you sell only brand new cell phones. You wouldn’t like your ad to be displayed to people looking for second hand cell phones. In order to avoid this, you should include the phrase “second hand” as a negative keyword.

Simplify your ad.

If there are too many words in your ad, people won’t be able to read it. You should try to reduce the text in a way that won’t harm the integrity of the information and the message you want your product to communicate. You should totally avoid captions such as “click here” or “visit this link”.

Make the words in the displayed URL larger in order to make them legible.

If you are a distributor of Swiss chocolate and your site is, you should input the URL in the following manner: People are more likely to click on your ad if it clearly indicates what it sells.

Test different types of ads.

Texts, banners, local business, different keywords, different layouts, will help you identify the features of different ads that generate the highest Clickthrough rate. Once you have this information, you will be able to focus on the right use of these features in a complete and integrated AdWords advertisement.

Get rid of abbreviations.

You should use abbreviations only if they are obvious for your target group. Marketing experts could abbreviate words to fit them into a certain ad. But by doing so, they decrease the chances for the mass user to understand what the ad is about, which, in turn, reduces the users’ desire to click on the ad.

Opt for the use of headings, related to the season, even if what you sell is marketable all the year round.

This could increase the feeling of “healthy anxiety”, as I call it, and make the users act now, while they still have the chance. If your company sells smiley-shaped cookies and it is close to St. Valentine’s day, your caption could be “Buy Smileys for St. Valentine”.

These suggestions, far from exhausting all possible ways for improving your WordAd campaign, are some of the best practices that should be considered in creating an online advertising campaign, using Google AdWords in particular.  Feel free to add any information that I may have missed in the comment section below.

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