Google improves Adwords system

Once again, Adwords proves to be the most trustworthy online advertising network. An announcement has been posted on Google’s official blog that 130 million advertising campaigns have been blocked and 800 thousand advertisers have been banned for not complying to Adwords Policies and abusing the network. This will help legitimate businesses to reach consumers.

Google warns that the measures against misleading ads will be stricter.  This will lead to lowering the amount of scammed, misled and angry online users.


Here are the main improvements that Google made to allow for counterfeit ads to be removed even before being published live:

  • Improvements have been made to the algorithm that monitors for counterfeit ads, to monitor for a wider range of sensitive keywords, and to better recognize the ones that are suspected in violating Adwords’ policies;
  • Based on this special algorithm, suspected ads will be marked for review by a real person before their actual release. This process has now been sped up by optimizing internal procedures.
  • Google’s Adwords team aims at taking actions within 24 hours of receiving a complaint about a misleading ad.
  • Policies have been updated and now require specific businesses, mostly in the loan area, to provide official paperwork as a proof of rates and loan rates claimed in their ads.

The results are showing that this campaign is successful and the number of bad ads is declining. In 2011 the percentage of scam ads has been decreased by more than 50% compared to 2010. Of these numbers 150 thousand accounts have been disabled with the help of Google’s improved detection system.

How to help

Google encourages advertisers to strictly review Adwords program policies. The program policies are to protect the internet users and keep the ad network safe. On their Online Safety site Google provides tips and advices, for online users, to avoid internet scams. If you have been scammed or encounter a counterfeit ad you can report it here.