Google Adwords campaign management

Many companies offer professional management of Adwords campaigns. With their assistance, your advertising will be both effective and inexpensive.

Here is a list of the services most online marketing companies offer related to advertising through AdWords:

Professional planning

  • Defining the objectives of the campaign;
  • Analysis of you website and its Google positioning;
  • Research of the competition in the relevant market niche;
  • Analysis, research, and choice of the most appropriate keywords and phrases for your campaign;
  • Structuring of the advertising campaign based on the types of products and services, and the relevant keywords;
  • Analysis of the targeting – geographic, linguistic, demographic, etc.

Adwords account setup

  • Campaign creation;
  • Budget input;
  • Campaign targeting;
  • Account structuring based on campaigns, ad groups, keywords.

Management and optimization of advertising campaigns

  • Monitoring of the implementation of the set objectives of the advertising campaign;
  • Management of price fluctuations;
  • Optimization and actualization of keywords, advertising messages, prices and daily budget;
  • Management of the ad display timing;
  • Changes in targeting and settings of the campaign.


  • Full report on the advertising budget spent;
  • Analysis and interpretation of the accumulated results;
  • Consultations, related to the report data and to changes of the advertising campaign;
  • Website optimization advice.

Detailed statistics

  • Full access to statistics;
  • Results measurement;
  • Weekly report provisioning;
  • Comparison of results to those of previous periods;
  • Analysis of results, aimed at adopting measures for achieving the advertising objectives;
  • Additional automatic reports, on request.