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Conversion tracking, budget control, geographical location targeting, and detailed reports are just a small part of the numerous advertising options and tools that Google Adwords network provides to business owners like you and me to build a successful advertising campaign.  This makes it the best advertising network on the Internet. Below I have listed some of the options and tools that make it better from competitors.

Conversion Tracking

Adwords allows you to track the impressions and clicks your ads generate, the click-through-rate of a single keyword and even the number of end users who have purchased a product through your ads (conversion rate). The results are ordered into reports that you or your employees can receive on a weekly, monthly or even on a daily basis. The Adwords conversion tracking will help you measure the value of your ad clicks.

Daily, Weekly or Monthly Budget

It is only natural that every business has a different budget. The Adwords budget optimizer allows you to specify your advertising budget based on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Custom budgets are tailored for your specific business needs. An experienced marketing analyst can help you determine the optimal monthly budget for your business guaranteeing you not just clicks but an actual Return On Investment.

Location Targeting

Local and regional advertising campaigns benefit the most from Adwords location targeting. For example, if you have an event organized in Florida, then you can target your campaign to Florida online users only.

Non-stop advertising

If you own an online store, your store is open round-the-clock, so should your ads. Even if you sell brick & mortar, your customers search all hours of the day and night – not just during business hours. With a well built campaign, you can ensure that when end users search for the type of service you offer, they will be introduced to your business.

Instant Results

Once your Adwords campaign starts, you will see instant increase in traffic from day one. Instant increase in traffic means instant sales.

Precise Targeting

Instead of sending consumers to the main page of your website you can precisely direct them to the page on your website which best answers their needs. For example, if you own a candy shop and you offer lollipops, you can have your campaign set up in a way that when an end user searches for lollipops, sees and clicks on your lollipop ad, they will be directly transferred to the lollipop category or product instead of the index page.

Adwords Impressions and Brand Awareness

Google gives you the option to pay for ad impressions, instead of clicks. This strategy is good for establishing brand awareness. Even if consumers do not click on your ads, they have seen it and are now aware of your business.

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