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As most people know, Google AdWords is sponsored links that are listed with search results and are one of the most economically viable ways for online advertising. Google AdWords is an optimal advertising service which allows payment to take place only after a consumer clicks your ad and an actual visit of the advertized website has been realized.

AdWords ads are listed next to Google’s search results requested by a user when some of the advertiser’s keywords are entered. This allows for better targeting of users already interested in the respective business.Although the AdWords service is quite user friendly, it still requires certain know-how. Some inexperienced companies input too many keywords trying to achieve a maximum number of clicks. This, however, costs more and still doesn’t guarantee that users will get attracted to their business.

I have selected several advice from experts in the field that could be helpful if you decide to use Google’s advertising service for bringing quality traffic to a website.

How to start

Before starting, you have to realize an important thing:

“The successful application of AdWords requires much effort, but could turn out to be a complete waste of time. Thus, you have to make sure that this service fits your priorities”

Chris Conn, founder of says.

His company uses AdWords for attracting potential consumers to online stores.

“Since this kind of activity is replacing the priority of other activities, you have to make sure that the effort is worth.”

Here is what Timothy Thomas, a business consultant of small companies in creating successful AdWords campaigns, adds in this connection:

Instead of spending money from your budget to learn how the AdWords magic works, you better use the tools that go with the standard service pack.

In his view, companies have to stick to their standard Search Engine Optimization practices if they want to retain high ranking results, and only when this is established, to embark on an optimization using AdWords.

It is not advisable to purchase advertisements in areas where you have already ranked high in the engine results. You should instead come up with the unique things about your business, trying to incorporate them as much as you can in the keywords. Only then you could pay for higher positions in search engines.

AdWords and SEO go hand in hand

It turns out that the efficient linking of the traditional SEO to AdWords campaigns is extremely important to all small business companies. According to Jordan Schaffel, co-founder of Say It Visually – a company that creates animated video materials for training and demonstration purposes – the existing efforts in SEO are of paramount importance to the success of AdWords campaigns.

Recently we had to overhaul our website by incorporating AdWords. We entitled all our videos and tagged them according to the idea of our AdWords campaign. It this way we could rely on a significant number of clicks which could bring us profit in AdWords. Had we allowed ourselves to drop out one or two pieces of the SEO jigsaw, we would have defiantly registered significant losses.

Schaffel shares.

Schaffel’s strategy is based on the fact that if Google can find an equivalent of your advertisement in some of the users’ requests, you will profit without having to pay anything in return. Thus, if companies have to do something, it is to try to limit the range of Google’s ability to present their advertisement “naturally”.  This is why if the keywords used in AdWords are embedded into your site, you already “control” the situation and you don’t need to pay Google for advertising.


Even if your AdWords campaign is quite successful, further improvement is always possible. Timothy Thomas, for instance, recounted the story of an engineering company specializing in LED lightning production. The clients of this company were professionals, but what they were looking for would often end up with undesirable results such as Christmas lightning, Xbox controllers and LED television sets that displaced their own advertisements. As an experienced consultant, Thomas began eliminating the keywords that obstructed the process. He began inputting keywords that could appear only in specific phrases and in this way the unwanted results of the “negative” to the campaign words such as “Christmas”, “vehicle”, “Playstation”, as well as all versions of the word “television” were gradually blocked.

According to Thomas, such strategies are of paramount importance to the masterful use of AdWords, because unless at least 15 minutes a day are allotted to the “adjustment” of AdWords, such an advertising campaign can literally “swallow” a company’s budget.

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